Hi My  name is Sun Fyre

Welcome to my  website.

To introduce myself, I am an artist first and foremost. From my  imagination and following  my intuition I have gathered skills undertaken many trainings and gained a fine selection of qualifications. Over the years I have had the privilege to travel across the globe and train with some of the finest teachers in dance, fitness and shamanism. I have been involved in leadership and teaching for over 30 years now and from these rich experience and wisdom I  also create and deliver classes, workshops and online courses.

My  teachings are heavily focused on self empowerment through creative methods and my unique journey through life enables me to bring  some really  innovative tools to the table to excite and motivate participants. So that  all sounds very  formal but  here’s the jig, one of the key factors in my work is to have FUN, experience JOY through connection and creativity. My  motto is

“Be inspired to create, create to inspire”

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