Hi My  name is Sun Fyre

Welcome to my  website.

To introduce myself, I am an Energiser Coach.

I work primarily with women to facilitate and empower their Energy journeys to get the Success they determine.(whether thats in a career/own business, educationally or learning new skills, improving health mind body and soul). Women work so hard and often it goes under the radar and in this age of multitasking, its all to easy to feel overwhelmed, exhausted or burned out and feeling that you  don’t have either the time or energy  to do those things you’d really like to! In my courses and coaching programmes I provide tools, tips, techniques on regaining Energy and Focus so women as busy as they may be as moms, workers, wives or partners can really start to live the life of their dreams.

Who am I to talk about this?

Well over the last 18 years as a mom, I have worked in different arenas where I gathered the resources, information and skills that I can now offer you using inspirational Mind Body  and Soul materials and techniques. I put  my  hand on heart and say I have walked the talk and learned how to gather Energy and Success over  many years of trial and error. I am trained, experienced and qualified in a few fields that are indeed complimentary as an artist, dancer and fitness instructor, healer and energy coach. Whilst bringing up my  children I have owned an International Art Gallery, learned how to belly dance an taught, danced and performed with some of the worlds best dancers and learned how to overcome some major illness and diseases along the way!

My  teachings are heavily focused on self empowerment through creative methods and my unique journey through life enables me to bring  some really  innovative tools to the table to excite and motivate participants. So that  all sounds very  formal but  here’s the jig, one of the key factors in my work is to have FUN, experience JOY through connection and creativity. My  motto is

“Be inspired to create, create to inspire”