Spring Tree Spirit-£150       both  mixed media                   Winter Moon Spirit- £150.

Tree Spirit Mixed Media Artworks

original artworks by Sun fyre, using mixed medias, collage, paint, ink, pens etc. £150 each painting.



as an A4 print -£10 plus £2.50 p&P

Butterfly Soul Painting. Acrylic on Canvas- £150


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                                        Autumn Tree Spirit in mixed media -£150– SOLD

Below is a selection of paintings and Soul Vessels. The Soul Vessels are made of clay and found materials and each is an open vessel. (so you  can place things in them) The inspiration for them was mainly  from other world shamanic journeys, so each has its own message and healing power. They are great for the healing alter or display.
Moon Hare (sold)                                                                 Princess Cat  £150

                                   Broom Spirit (sweeps away  unwanted energies) £150

Baba Yaga (above) £125 and the Morrigan Soul Vessel £195

Brighid, Shepherdess Soul Vessel-£165