Dance and Fitness


I began dancing in 2002. Well that’s not true, I was always dancing around. I loved dancing as a child but was told by  my ballet  teacher I’d never make as I had started to late at age seven and I was just  not pliable enough. So when the opportunity  arose some ahem cough splutter thirty  plus years later to have a go I decided I would and the rest  is as they say Diva history.

Though I have actually  trained, danced and gained certification in dance and teaching dance, I am probably  in agreement with  my  former teacher I don’t fit in a box as such and have chosen to creatively  blend moves and styles for artistic purposes. For an apparent  dance flop I have made good performing and teaching  far and wide both in the UK and overseas alongside some bona fide top dancer international performers and teachers of which I remain both  redeemed and honoured.

Given that some 5 or so years into dancing I began to do fitness trainings and classes and my  repertoire has included, Zumba, Sports Coaching, Burlex (burlesque fitness) and Exercise to Music (ETM). My dance/comedy  partner and myself decided to take it  further  and we blend movement, mime, dance and comedy with the aim of bringing, sharing and spreading the joy! We have performed live at events together including shows, weddings, parties etc. and have our  own website, You Tube channel and show we present there.

I have my  own brand of Dance and fitness now that  I call Hollywood to Bollywood and that  is a creative, eclectic mash up of styles in accordance with  my  own guided creativity  and experiences in the field.

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